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Lindner's Angling Edge


Al and James Lindner and members of the Angling Edge staff travel to new destinations to analyze and tackle different freshwater angling challenges

2018 Season 14

Winning ways to catch smallmouth bass around vegetation and during seasonal transitions

James and Nick Lindner reveal tactics to catch transitional early-season walleye and smallmouth bass

Al & Dan share a punch for early-season smallmouth bass at Branch’s Seine River Lodge in NW Ontario

James & Josh chase mysterious early-season musky, the deep-water fish on Minnesota’s Lake Vermilion

Jeremy & Matt on the prowl for early-season bluegill and crappies in transition from deep to shallow

Jeremy & Mike hunt trophy pike at Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge & Outposts in Northern Manitoba

Al and Sport Fish Michigan’s Ben Wolfe vertical jig coho salmon on bass gear near the Platte River.

Al and Dan Lindner demonstrate top techniques for catching Largemouth Bass in and around vegetation.

James Lindner & Jeremy Smith hit NW Ontario’s Manotak Lodge with winning Walleye & Musky strategies.

Al, James, & Nick disclose river catfishing techniques to put tons of huge channel cats in the boat!

Al and James reveal high-probability spots & proven presentations for big late-fall largemouth bass.

Al and Dan shed light on Aquatic Invasive Species, Walleye fishing today, and reaction bait tactics

Despite difficult conditions, Al & Jeremy hook nice Largemouth Bass with winning crankbait methods