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2020 Season 4

I want to thank everybody for tuning into my course. The next course is coming to you in February!
My trout master bait course is officially here!
The term gator trout varies from zone to zone and so does the time to target them.
Tackle is one of the most important factors when trying to target gator trout.
When picking out a rod for this style of fishing you need to make sure it’s parabolic.
It’s important to have a strong light reel that you can cast all day without being fatigued.
If you want to catch gator trout, terminal tackle needs to be the focal point of your tackle prep.
You need to be stealthy when targeting gator trout.
Big trout won't chase baits in cold water. Be sure to fish all your lures extremely SLOW.....
The Mirrodine XL is one of the most popular lures on the market for gator size trout.
When fishing between 4ft– 10ft of water it’s hard to beat at Mirrolure 52MR.
The best part of the she dog is that it has a smaller profile and super-high frequency.
The Paul Brown fat boy is perfect those extra cold days on the water.
Since this lure came out less than 2 years ago it's been one of the best in Mirrolures lineup.
This lure is hands down one of the best shallow water top waters.
There’s no better way to fish the 5M Mirrolure than to modify it as I did in this video.
When fishing for big trout near structures, it's hard to find more effective lures than the mirrolip
When targeting big trout, you can't forget that they key in on bigger bait profiles.
The Zman jerk bait is one of my all-time favorite soft plastics, mainly for how it glides in water.
With this new 5-inch version from Zman, we have something that can specifically target gator trout.
Some saltwater lures are for bass fishing. The Fatty Z & Swimin Trout Trick fall into that category.
The Ned Rig it catches everything. It doesn’t matter what or where you’re targeting that species.
When targeting gator trout, the time of year will likely be different when going from place to place
To be successful in gator trout fishing, you need to have high-quality gear that won't let you down.
Being stealthy is 100 percent controlled by the angler, so you must be cautious.
When it comes to big gator trout in the wintertime you must move the baits extremely slow.
I want to thank everybody for tuning into my course. The next course is coming to you in February!