How To - The Uni Knot


The Uni Knot

Episode 26 Season 1


If you were to learn only one fishing knot, this is the one. Brought to you by Saltwater Experience.

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Learn to tie the Alberto knot, a stronger variation of the Albright knot, from Captain Tom Rowland.

This is a great knot for attaching light line to heavy line or wire to mono or fluorocarbon.

Tom Rowland shows how to tie an Aussie Quickie, a great knot for Braided Line to Fluorocarbon leader

Follow Tom Rowland's step by step instructions to tie this important saltwater fishing knot.

Tom Rowland demonstrates the blood knot, a.k.a. barrel knot, which is used to tie two lines together

Tom teaches the bowline, a crucial knot for every backpacker, kayaker, hunter or fisherman to know.

This is a basic fisherman's knot used for tying anything onto the end of the line from Tom Rowland.

Rowland shows the difference between the Homer Rhode, Uni Knot and Steve Huff Double Figure 8 knot.

Learn to tie down a boat to a trailer, a cooler to the top of your car, a mattress - anything!

Best used in very heavy monofilament or braided, coated wire for barracuda, pike, or muskie fishing.

Tom Rowland teaches the best loop knot for heavy line. It hangs straight and pulls the fly straight.

Best for tying any lure, bait, or hook to the end of a line. Brought to you by Saltwater Experience.

Tom shows his go-to knot for attaching Braided Line to Fluorocarbon leader.

Tom shows an exceptionally strong way to connect braided line to fluorocarbon leader

Lefty Kreh’s favorite loop knot. Ideal for bonefish and permit flies. This knot tests at 100%

Tom Rowland shows step by step how to tie the Palomar knot with fluorocarbon line

Great loop knot for the end of a leader or any other place you need a loop to loop connection.

The Snell knot that is used for tying heavy braided line to straight-shank flipping hooks.

FG/GT/Sebile/Delph knot. Call it what you want, its the strongest knot from braid to fluorocarbon.

Quickly tie two lines together for towing, pulling or other needs with the Sheet Bend.

Slim Beauty is a compact, strong way to tie any two lines of dis-similar diameters together.

Tom Rowland of Saltwater Experience walks you through the Spider Hitch Knot.

Popular with flyfishermen and anywhere that you need a quick loop to loop connection.

Tom Rowland shows a variation of the Sebile or GT knot, now known as the TR Knot.

The Bowline, Trucker's Hitch and Half Hitch combo will allow you to tie anything down.

If you were to learn only one fishing knot, this is the one. Brought to you by Saltwater Experience.

Tom Rowland shows step by step instructions to tie the Haywire Twist knot.