Saltwater Game - Swordfish by Day


Swordfish by Day

Episode 2 Season 2


Daytime swordfish rigs and techniques

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Finding feeding fish on the back of rays in the Florida Keys

Daytime swordfish rigs and techniques

Sharks are fun to catch on any tackle, but fooling them with lures is and added challenge

Rules and regulations for Goliath Grouper fishing in the Florida Keys

The pinnacle of fishing for Redfish is pursuing them while they are tailing. Techniques for success

The health of the seagrass of the Florida Keys is the health of the entire fishery

The Butterfly Jig can be used offshore for Tuna and other species. Athletic and aggressive fishing.

Trolling motors can be used on the flats to catch all species.

Both Circle Hooks and J Hooks are effective. Learn how to set both types of hooks for all species.

A standard Bass Tube bait can be the most versatile bait in saltwater. Learn how to rig and fish

Seeing into the water is crucial for success in saltwater. Polarized glasses are the answer

The tides and wind determine success in saltwater fishing. Learn to predict the tides