Best of the West - Double Double


Double Double

Episode 4 Season 10


Horseback elk hunting in the mountains of Wyoming

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Latt Durrance travels to Alaska to do his part in predator management pursuing brown and black bears

Antelope with a muzzleloader followed by a youth hunt with Polestar Outfitters in Wyoming.

John Porter heads to the Yukon after Stone Sheep followed by an African Cape Buffalo hunt

Horseback elk hunting in the mountains of Wyoming

Whitetail hunting testing the new Best of the West muzzleloader and slug gun in Tennessee

We head back to the Yukon on a Stone Sheep/Moose hunt with John Porter

Jim Sessions hunting Antelope and Shiras Moose in Wyoming

Bryan Martin heads into the mountains in British Columbia after Stone Sheep and Mountain Goat

Dan Adler guides father and son on an Arizona Rocky Mountain Elk hunt

Black bear hunting in the high country and the importance of predator management

From the high desert to the mountain tops of Wyoming chasing Antelope and Bighorn Sheep

Two hunts for Bighorn Sheep in Wyoming and Black Bears in Manitoba

Joe Cunningham heads to BC after Mountain Goats in tuff country