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Brush Country Monsters


Brush Country Monsters focuses on hunting monster whitetail deer in one of the most unique whitetail environments in the world - Deep South Texas.

2017 Season 9

Allan Rovig of McWhorter Rifles hunts Monster Elk in New Mexico for the second year in a row

Lamar Smith hunts in Central Texas during early October for a monster buck nicknamed "Turkey Foot"

Allan Rovig of McWhorter Custom Rifles hunts Iowa in the late season for a 160 class typical

Seth hunts a monster 191" whitetail in Central Texas at the Johnson Ranch

Seth and Allan hunt for two giant whitetails in Dilley, Texas at Panther Hollow Whitetails

Allan Rovig travels to the North Platte River of Nebraska to hunt big whitetails with EWA Outfitters

Seth and Lamar hunt big whitetails at the 4 Seasons Ranch in Pearsall, Texas

Spruell hunts the Johnson Ranch for a monster 10pt & Rodney's daughter shows the guys how it's done

Russell takes an awesome 10 point with his bow & Seth hunts for the infamous "Big" in East Alabama

Lamar takes Austin PD Officer Jason Hallmark on a dream hunt to Montana with Blue Rock Outfitters

Lamar gets a tour of the Hart Rilfe Barrel facility followed by a muzzleloader hunt in Illinois

Alton Paris, founder of Chupacabra Rub, hunts the Johnson Ranch in Central Texas for a 6x6 whitetail

Allan and Denise Rovig of McWhorter Custom Rifles hunt three monster whitetails in South Texas