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Canadian Whitetail


Canadian Whitetail, with Dean Partridge, focuses on D. I. Y. hunting of mature whitetails in some of the best destinations the world has to offer.

2017 Season 7

Billy Chesher hunting a hometown buck, the drop beam 8 with Dean on his north plot

With little time to hunt, good friend Cam Sutherland capitalizes in a big way.

Camera guy TY has little chance to hunt, but gets to put in a month on an easy to hunt buck

A Company that believed in us, and a hunt for them. Buddy Pilands hunt for the buck we call Crowbar

While their friend is away, Ryan and Josh head out after his target buck they call ShortBrow

Excitement can take over fast, and it happens to us all, but in redemption is where a hunter is made

Justin Ewanchuk balances family time with clients, friends and hunting time for himself.

Kenny Hayworth makes a split second decision, and faces regret immediately.

A father daughter hunt, years in the making with Miss Baylie Peterson

Jason Petersons Excalibur Crossbow hunt for a giant 180 plus northern whitetail

A hunt can turn sideways in an instant and a years long target buck is taken, but by who.

A look back at the 2016 Hunting Season