Canadian Whitetail - 2000 Miles to Graceland


2000 Miles to Graceland

Episode 4 Season 6


A hunt at Canadian Whitetail Outfitters

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Building the lots is hard work, but all the work pays off in the deer woods.

There is no work around or easy way to reach your goals without hard work & dedication in the woods

A Boone and Crockett deer is no easy feat.

A hunt at Canadian Whitetail Outfitters

Jason takes a break from guiding to hit the woods himself.

Addelle Peters has hunted around the world, but never anchored a big Saskatchewan whitetail.

Why would anyone pass a mature 180" deer? You'll see in part 1 of this two week series.

The answer to why Steve Csizmar passed up on one truly legendary deer is revealed.

Our friend, Kyle Smith, travels up to Northern Saskatchewan to hunt at Canadian Whitetail Outfitters

Early season archery hunt for a buck named Curly.