Chasing November - Cold Fronts Continue, Erik's Buck


Cold Fronts Continue, Erik's Buck

Episode 5 Season 1


A well timed cold front plus the right spot means a lot of daylight buck movement and a bloody arrow

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Heading into the 2015 deer season with high hopes. It all starts here. We're Chasing November

As the season approaches, we're working hard to lock down a pattern on a mature whitetail buck

Early in the season, adding a food plot, or kill plot, is key to finding a mature whitetail buck

With the arrival of October, temperatures drop and the hunting heats up for whitetail bucks

A well timed cold front plus the right spot means a lot of daylight buck movement and a bloody arrow

October's best cold front yet provided successful hunts for both Zach Ferenbaugh and Luke Nissen

Taylor and Caleb Byers find their reward in a secluded clover food plot resulting in 190" of antler

Chad Lathrop tags the biggest buck yet while Erik Barber heads to Wisconsin for his second kill

Both Scott Prucha and Bill Winke see action at the end of October as it heads into the rut

Drew Mclain has waited patiently for the right conditions on a secluded bean field on his Ohio farm

From Illinois to Iowa, November brings new adventures for Paul Marshall, Jared Mills, and Bill Winki

Eric Knochel shoots his biggest buck ever while some of the Midwest Whitetail staff hit the woods

The whitetail season heats up, starting with a Kansas rut hunt and ending up with Brett Joy in Iowa

Join Mike Parente and Brett Joy in Iowa, and Jason Huntsman in Ohio for the best kills of the season

Taylor Byers fills her tag on a mature buck as the whitetail deer rut comes to full speed in Iowa

In Iowa, Aaron Warbritton tags his largest buck yet using a very aggressive bowhunting tactic

Off-season field prep pays big dividends as Jon Lewis heads to a treestand in search of a whitetail

Derik Jones hunts whitetail in Kansas while Greg Clements is engaged in a public land hunt in Iowa

After a two year drought, Bill Winke finally gets a prize on his Iowa farm with an eight point buck

Join Josh Tatum in the Jayhawk state to see why Kansas is the premier destination for whitetail deer

Jared Mills and Mike Reed hope to change their fortunes after a dry November with no kills until...

Mike Reed and Luke Nissen show why late season deer hunt success revolves around great food sources

Erik Barber's patience finally pays off on a cold January sit over a Frigid Forage food plot in Iowa

Time is running out on a season without releasing an arrow but Jared Mills gets one last chance...