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Chasing November


Chasing November by Midwest Whitetail recounts the action and drama that transpired as Bill Winke and friends pursue whitetail deer

2017 Season 2

Aaron harvests a deer with his grandfather's old muzzleloader & Scott arrows a last-minute buck
Winke shoots the massive buck he has been watching for three years. Jared & Mike find success early.
When a giant buck approaches the stand from the wrong side, Caleb Byers grabs his wife's bow
Collins Marine rattles in a rut-crazed buck after it chases a doe under his stand.
Aaron Warbritton hunts deep in a public land marsh and arrows giant at 10 steps.
Scott arrows a bruiser despite 70+ degree weather. The public land crew finds area loaded with bucks
Greg Clements shoots a tall racked buck on a public land hang & hunt mission. Zach arrows a giant.
Josh decoys a 10 pointer & pulls off a perfect self filmed hunt. Jared encounters his top target.
TJ Prater arrows the biggest buck of his life at 15 steps in Kansas. Winke hunts a new stand.
Josh rattles in a mature buck for his wife, Miriam, and she makes a perfect shot on her first deer.
November 6th gets off to a fast start for Mike Reed as he arrows an old bully buck named "Shorty"
Troy arrows a double-beamed buck on public land. Jared encounters two giant bucks on November 7th.
Winke finally gets a shot at "Skinny", the buck he's been hunting relentlessly for the past 3 weeks.
Corey Jones arrows a 9 pointer in Indiana. Cory Slater drops a giant-bodied buck in Iowa.
Josh arrows a giant 8 pointer on a frosty morning in Iowa. Caleb Byers goes back after a 200" buck.
Scott shoots a tall 8 pointer while hunting a micro plot & Jared sees a giant double drop tine buck
Matt arrows a tall 10 pointer from a bale blind in Kansas. Jon & Aaron head deep into public land.
Caleb Byers shoots the biggest buck of his life, a 215" Iowa bruiser he calls "Lockdown".
Zach Ferenbaugh finds redemption on public land as he arrows the same buck he missed
Jared Mills gets aggressive on a hang and hunt mission and shoots a giant, 186" buck at 7 yards.
Drew McClain knocks down his top target buck, a gnarly Ohio ten pointer he's hunted all season.
Mike hunts in a snowstorm and is rewarded with a shot at a giant 11 pointer he calls "Highroller"
With perfect conditions, Korey shoots a giant 10 pointer that was a regular on his trail cameras
Winke makes a perfect shot on the buck that he encountered the previous evening from the same blind.
Aaron harvests a deer with his grandfather's old muzzleloader & Scott arrows a last-minute buck