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Hunting Film Tour


HFT brings us a compilation of conservation minded producers committed to capturing the essence of all that we love about the adventures of hunting

2014 Season 2

Rockhouse Motion presents a tale of two hunters traveling to the heartland in search of whitetail

Join the Rockhouse Motion team as they document the pursuits of avid hunter Jim Guffey of Kansas

Filmmaker Jason Matizinger treks the mountains of Montana in search of its greatest predator.

Witness the journey of Jose Castresana doing what no other Spaniard has done before...

Filmmaker Bryan Huskey and Adam Haarberg go to Oregon for bighorn sheep. Produced by Fishbite Media

Clay Hayes of Twistedstave Media treks through the rugged mountains of Idaho in search of adventure

Seacat Creative documents Adam Foss' 2013 Chugah adventure in search of elusive Dall sheep

Colorburn Productions, along with Tyler Johnerson (HuntSolo Ventures) films his passion for big cats

With only 3 days til seasons end, Arctos Collective captures the sense of urgency in this final hunt