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Red Rising TV


Red Rising follows three lifelong friends from Virginia traveling across grassroots America in search of life's experiences while hunting whitetails.

2016 Season 2

Eric starts his season early in Virginia, hoping for that special buck seen on the trail cameras.

Chris Ward is eager to settle the score on the coastal Maryland deer that outsmarted him last year.

Chris & son Cole, Jason & nephew Tyler, and Eric with a friend’s sons set out to make memories.

Eric hopes this Halloween day will treat him, & trick the mature Virginia buck named Double-O-Seven

Jason Bowers has spent several tough years on a quest to kill a giant Kansas buck named Fish Hook

Jason digs deep in his soul for the grit to end the quest to kill the Kansas buck named Fish Hook

Eric Hale is determined to give everything he has to kill a monster Kansas buck he’s named Yardstick

Despite things not going his way, Chris Ward perseveres while hunting in Kansas.

Jason & Eric hunt in Iowa with Chase Rohlfsen from Rubline Marketing & Mike Furia from Dead Ringer.

One buck is down, but the guys are hoping to add to that tally as the sun begins to set in Iowa.

Friend & videographer Danny Calloway gets a chance at a big buck in Maryland and tell you his story.

We take a look at all of the Bow Kills the guys from Red Rising have accomplished so far this year.

The guys chase turkeys, check out next year’s sheds, and go fishing with their kids and girlfriends.