Sporting Dog Adventures - Duck Camp


Duck Camp

Episode 10 Season 5


The crew and the dogs head to Louisiana for camp-Duck Camp that is...

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A new season arrives as we head to Saskatchewan for a waterfowl hunt that won't disappoint...

Get ready for a great event as we head to Kansas for the annual Governor's Ringneck Classic

We head to northeastern Montana to hunt the famous Milk River Area in search for a trophy Mule deer

We cover lakes, ponds, and fields as we head up north to Canada for a unique waterfowl hunt

Jeff and crew head to Pierre, SD for an unusual goose hunt followed by an incredible pheasant hunt

We head to Louisiana and join the Vanishing Paradise group to learn more about conservation issues

We head into Eastern Kansas for a waterfowl hunt but changing weather forces a change in strategy

We head back to Montana for a Mule deer hunt and wrap up in my home state of Wisconsin for whitetail

We head to Saskatchewan where a mid-day scouting trip turns into a great hunt from the cattails

The crew and the dogs head to Louisiana for camp-Duck Camp that is...

We travel to Kansas and Wisconsin for great waterfowl hunts and pay tribute to Freedom Hunters Group

Let's head to Canada and South Dakota and watch Picket as he works the big Geese

Our final episode brings out the season's best hunts, humor, and action...don't miss it!