The Given Right - Turkey Tour


Turkey Tour

Episode 10 Season 3


Kenneth and Mark head to the Midwest to chase turkeys

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After Kenneth and Mark have a difficult time in Kansas, they get a little Veteran's Day luck.

Kenneth and good friend Chris Cobbett head to Texas for an action packed hunt.

When elk hunting is slow Kenneth and Bone Collector's Nick Mundt change it up and chase speed goats.

Kenneth and Mark hunt big buck country of Pike County and have some encounters with great bucks

Kenneth and Mark head to Big Sky Country and chase giant bruins and have an action packed hunt.

Mark & Kenneth head to Iowa for late season Muzzleloader to battle the cold & chase giant whitetails

Kenneth and Holly head to Kansas and Holly finds her sights on a true once and a life time buck.

Kenneth takes his daddy out hunting for the first time in 52 years.

Kenneth hunts with Justin Adkisson in Oklahoma while reliving a few hunts in the past from Colorado.

Kenneth and Mark head to the Midwest to chase turkeys

Mark heads to Utah to chase giant Mule Deer

Mark heads back out to chase giant elk with outfitters Doyle Moss

Mark heads all over the Midwest to his farm's to chase giant whitetails.