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The Next Bite


Gary Parsons, Keith Kavajecz and Chase Parsons search for the "Next Bite" in open water, ice fishing, the Great Lakes, and small lakes and rivers.

2018 Season 14

Explore with Keith Kavajecz, Joe Bricko, John Hoyer, Chase and Gary Parsons for Giant Walleyes

Keith Kavajecz and Walleye pro John Hoyer go incognito in search of Detroit River Walleyes.

In this episode, Gary Parsons and Aaron Templin dissect Lake Superior Walleyes with crankbaits!

Chase Parsons, Jason Przekurat & Korey Sprengel use bass crankbaits to conquer Mississipi Walleyes!

Catch up with Gary Parsons and Keith Kavajecz as they hunt for the nomadic Red Lake Ice Walleyes.

Keith, Jake Romanack, & Erich Carlson set out to explore a new Great Lakes area with Shiver Minnows.

Secret holes for fall walleyes with Joe Bricko, Dylan Maki, and Gary Parsons

Chase Parsons, Drake Herd & Jeff Schulte use late fall techniques for Muskie in Alexandria, MN

Cody Roswick and Keith cast a new shallow crankbait for walleyes in NE South Dakota’s Glacial Lakes

Chase, Korey Sprengel & Justin Kohn hit deep structure Lake Trout in a small inland Wisconsin lake

Keith pounds the water for Musky with John Hoyer and Lake St. Claire Musky expert Spencer Berman

Chase Parsons, Korey Sprengel & Nick Bedker cast plastics for shallow Walleyes on Beaver Dam Lake

When the owners of Offshore Tackle fish with Keith – the boards will be pulling back on Saginaw Bay.