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The SeaHunter


Hosted by Captain Rob Fordyce, the Voo-Doo Daddy, this show features offshore, inshore, light tackle fishing techniques and shows off each unique area

2016 Season 1

Rob Fordyce takes his daughter out for an action packed day of sailfishing in the Florida Keys

As a youth, Rob was mentored by legendary angler Flip Pallot. These old friends do some fly fishing.

Bass Elite Series Champion, Bernie Schultz, spends time in the saltwater with Rob Fordyce

Rob takes his friend Chris Thompson, a retired Marine sniper, fishing in Florida for his first time.

Rob Fordyce teams up with long time client and friend Carlos Duncan to chase giant Tarpon on fly.

High octane Marquesas wreck fishing then Rob surprises his wife with a late afternoon Tarpon bite.

Rob Fordyce & Bass elite competitor Bernie Schultz, chase Snook, Redfish & Tarpon in the Everglades

Rob shares some wreck fishing with two buddies in the Marquesas, then tarpon fishes with his wife.

Rob & Team SeaHunter set out to compete in one of the world's most competitive Sailfish tournaments

The competition continues for Rob and Team SeaHunter in the Final Sail tournament

Join Rob on his fishing endeavors from season 1 starting in Key Largo and working down to Mile 0