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George Poveromo's World of Saltwater Fishing


World renowned saltwater angler George Poveromo pursues a wide variety of game fish along the coastal U.S. and popular angling destinations abroad.

2018 Season 18

Central Florida kayak fishing pro, Dee Kaminski, takes her first trip offshore fishing in the Keys

George and his daughter fish the familiar waters of Biscayne Bay and offshore of Haulover Inlet

George joins inshore guide Capt Chris Hanson for some light tackle action in Key Largo

Beth Synowiec, local fishing pro, joins Poveromo for hand-crank deep-dropping along Norfolk Canyon

George & local light tackle guide Captain Brad Nowicki pursue Mutton Snapper & Yellowtail Snapper.

Old pals George and Harry Vernon III troll for dolphin then chase birds and go live-baiting for tuna

George & Jimmy Gagliardini set out to drop on wrecks, run & gun for dolphin, then try for tarpon.

Willard Franklin III takes Poveromo out by the jetties of Galveston, TX to fish for Bull Redfish

Poveromo & Captain Kevin Jeffries go on the troll for Dolphin then race inshore to the Ballyhoo boat

Capt. Tom Daffin from South Jersey & George look for bass by trolling, jigging and live baiting.

Capt Beau Woods joins Poveromo for some “sporting-style” deep-dropping, with no electric reels!

Poveromo and Islamorada fishing legend Richard Stanczyk search for mackerel on a backcountry cruise.